Car LCD advertisement machine

Full color LED advertising large screen

In painting light boxes of low cost, large benefits. From the traditional single advertising model into split-screen, reduce the advertising take up the position, in the modern city by, greatly reduces the cost, as the advertising market brought infinite business opportunities.

Rolling light box


Price advantage: have the same product market the most competitive price, at the same time have the same or even better quality;
Stem on performance advantage: uniformity is good, high degree of consistency, Angle is big, can realize monochromatic single lamp maintenance;
Super book light box also called lightguide plate thin light boxes, it is optical technology and digital printing technology combination of high science and technology products, the use of common fluorescent lamp or LED as light source, and USES the various frame materials and manufactured a kind of multi-functional new light box.

Network media flexibility and mobility is less than other media


Network Branding
Media or "media", "media" or "media", refers to the spread of information carrier, can be the private sector, also can be the official agencies. Transmission pipeline have paper class (news, magazines).
Direct simple visual interactive method to accept each other's
Income recipients must depend on visual sense to accept 
TV Opening