Media or "media", "media" or "media", refers to the spread of information carrier, can be the private sector, also can be the official agencies. Transmission pipeline have paper class (news, magazines).
XX Media (XX Media), * * leading digital Media group, established in * * years, product line covers commercial building video Media, stores terminal video Media, apartment elevator Media (frame Media), outdoor large LED screen Media, the cinema line advertising Media, network advertising Media, and other characteristics, and in the audience can mutual organic integration of network Media.

XX media to * * city crowd as the core target population, covering many region's most extensive high income groups, with original business model, media points the sex, vitality won the height of industry identity.

* * * * years, XX media initiative * * outdoor video advertising broadcast network, accurate position
ing and audience communication effect wins consumer and advertising the customer the affirmation.

By the end of * * * XX media comprehensive launch * * stores terminal network, locking the main purchase decisions fast moving consumer goods crowd, the influence of the terminal shopping brand choice and consumption decision, fill the terminal media vacancy.

* * * * years, XX media mergers and acquisitions * * leading Internet advertising and interactive marketing service provider well yeah, comprehensive network advertising marketing into the market.

The "new media" become * * developed countries the press, academia and scientific and technological circles of the hottest topics. In recent years, with the Internet and mobile phones for user terminal new media technology is developing rapidly, and the rapid development, will people trapped in surrounded by information, greatly enriched people acceptable information resources.
Direct simple visual interactive method to accept each other's
Income recipients must depend on visual sense to accept 
Network media flexibility and mobility is less than other media